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About Me : Travel and History

My name is Zoë, I am a British archaeologist who has spent a childhood exploring ruins and now makes a living out find, recording, and writing about new ones.

I live in Cambridge, UK and enjoy taking breaks from digging holes (or telling others where to dig holes) by getting on a cheap flight from Stansted and popping over to another European city. I spend a lot of time travelling the UK when I can’t get out of the country, and have seen many beautiful parts of it.

Though it is cheaper and easier to explore Europe, I have also visited many parts of the world!

I seek out history and archaeology in my ventures and want to share tips and suggestions for others who like to do the same, or those who might be interested!

I don’t solo travel, so all my blogs will be based on my trips taken with female friends, male friends, my boyfriend, groups of friends, or my family. Usually I go with other archaeologists (I really need to branch out more), and so trips take a more history focused approach.

Whilst I love food, I would not be seeking to make a foodie blog but I will certainly recommend the places I liked and the food I think people should try!

I seek out ruins, castles, interesting artefacts on display, gorgeous areas to explore, and interesting places to visit.

This blog contains my guides to places I have visited, and the best historical sites I found at them in hope others might be interested in similar places!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Watch this space for upcoming posts!


Countries visited : 42

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