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Global Travel with an Archaeologist’s Eye

  • Old Towns of Eastern Europe- Riga

    1st Oct 2020 by

    Riga, the capital of the Baltic country of Latvia, is a beautiful city to visit. This former USSR state contains stunning architecture and natural beauty to match an interesting history. The city contains Medieval elements, and has easy access to castles outside the city, as well as the coast and forests. The main international airport… Read more

  • Old Towns of Europe: Cluj -Napoca

    16th Aug 2020 by

    One of my favourite ways to explore are long weekends to European cities, often their capitals. During these trips, I try to go to cheap places, though often take advantage of low prices for things like coffee, meals, and drinks to enjoy treats. The flight from London was £20 return (though sadly I don’t think… Read more

  • A Historic Drive Around: Mull (Scotland)

    1st May 2020 by

    In October 2019, I drove around the isle of Mull in Scotland. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. My journey began in Cambridge, England, as I had been asked by my friends to drive them and their cat to their new home in Glasgow. The 6… Read more

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Global Travel with an Archaeologist’s Eye

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